About ME

Hello there, my name is Chauyan and welcome to my blog! You can find much content here around several different aspects of Software Engineering, and many of these materials are what I’ve learned, and my ideas are. Not just only focusing on the mobile platform, including Android and iOS but also the backend stuff, for instance, Golang and TypeScript.

About my background

My background is in Engineering and Computer Science. I am an Android developer with over 10 years of experience in developing Android, including system framework and Apps. I’ve worked on a wide range of applications from many different industries such as surveillance industry at Umbo Computer Vision, media streaming industry at REDIdea, chipset industry for Spreadtrum Taiwan, ODM/OEM with BenQ/Qisda and, of course, autonomous vehicles industry at Cruise now. I am eager to learn and build high-quality Android Apps and to share what I’ve learned from my current work. I also publish articles on Medium and follow me if you’re interested in the topics I posted.

I am a passionate, hard-working individual who loves a challenge. I love to share anything about Android development. So, contact me if you have any interesting topics or questions.

Twitter: chauyan (@deathrid)
LinkedIn: chauyan
Medium: @chauyan

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